Equest Stable Curtain Large Black


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Good quality stable curtain which can be printed or embroidered as you wish with your name, flag and/or your logo. Printing and embroidery can be made in almost all colours, please let us know which colour you would prefer. We have some fonts as an example but if you have other ideas please let us know.

Colour: Black
Size: 120 x 200 cm.

We can arrange the embroidery (45 cm) or printing (50 cm) of your name and/or the flag of your country. If you would like your logo on the stable curtains or if you would like multiple printings please contact us for options and prices. We embroider or print your name underneath the flap in the center. If you would like your name somewhere else please let us know in the comments.

This stable curtain is available from stock in the given numbers. If you would like to order more curtains delivery will take about 4 weeks.

Embroidery or printing will take up to 10 working days. Please let us know your desired colour, almost all colours are available. You can choose from our fonts examples or let us know which font you prefer.

Would you like to order this stable curtain with a different trimming or with cords? Please check out our category Stable Curtain Custom Made.

Additional information

Additional information